Restaurant Dąbrówka

Weddings, banquettes, occasional events…

The history of “Dabrowka” dates back to the end of the 70’s of the last century, yet the name of the building is over one thousand years old and it derives from the name of the first Polish ruler’s wife and the first Polish king’s mother – the Czech princess Dobrawa, who contributed to the Christianization of Poland. “Dabrowka” has been permanently associated with the Piast district as wells as the names of Mieszko I, Boleslaw Chrobry and Piastowska streets.

In the times when all you could find on the shelves was only mustard and vinegar, while sausages and the blood pudding were considered a luxury we worked under the brand of PSS Spolem, we served food to the Bialystok’s citizens in the bar, we organised wedding receptions, banquettes and dancing parties. We stayed under the Spolem brand until the early 90’s, yet we have not changed our business profile up to this day. We are estimated to have organised wedding receptions for around 1000 couples for over 30 years of our existence. Our clients return to us and organise christenings and other occasional events.

The success of our restaurant lies in the quality and greatness of the traditional Polish cuisine, which we have mastered during the years of practice. We do not add any preservatives, food dyes or other chemical additives to our meals. We invite you to taste our produce in the bar at Warszawska 79 street, selling outlets at Warszawska 79, Bohaterow Monte Cassino 5 in the “Galeriowiec: under the pillars, at Gen. Wladyslaw Anders 40 pavilion 99 farm-goods market as well as in the range of groceries around Bialystok. On our customers’ demand, we prepare traditional Christmas and Easter meals.

Wedding halls, conference halls, organised events...

“Dabrowka” offers 7 air-conditioned halls of various capacity and decor at our customers’ disposal, in which we organise wedding receptions, banquettes, name days, birthdays, Holy Communions, New Year’s parties, wedding anniversaries, company parties, integration parties, christenings, special evenings, conferences, carnival balls, Christmas Eves, trainings and all occasional events. In the Golden and Pink Rooms we organise banquettes for 10 to 35 people, the Salmon Hall is designed for parties from 25 to 50 people; to the Green Hall we kindly welcome weddings from 40 to 80 people whereas in the largest of our halls, the Olive Hall, we are able to arrange a wedding reception for up to 130 people. There is a possibility of joining two halls, e.g. the Olive Hall with the Salmon Hall, with the combined capacity for 180 people plus dancing floor or the Green Hall with the Pink Room for around 110 guests. It is also possible to arrange a larger wedding reception or other party for about 150 guests on the ground floor of our restaurant, combining the bar hall with the foods hall, with a dancing floor in one of them. We are able to serve up to 400 people in the whole building on a single night. We also rent our halls for trainings and conferences. We provide technical equipment, such as sound systems, OHPs, whiteboards and screens.

We kindly invite you to use our service.